25 June 2014

Our Open Kitchen

We didn't expressly mean to start house hunting, but I suppose we have, indeed. A precious Tudor landed for sale in my Facebook feed. I've got a friend returning to the real estate world, and a overwhelming curiosity about the interior decorating decisions of the general public. One house led to 10 more, then signing ourselves up to a portal of new-to-the-market notifications, and now we're hunting... leisurely.... but the truth is, the more homes we see; the more bedrooms, more garages, more lawns with garden potential that we see, the more I'm falling for what we already have. And the harder it is for me to picture those gingerbread Tudors without peppermint candy windows and saccharine frosting "icicle" drips from their peaked entrances. The Cape Cods look like Lego houses, no more interesting than a pill-box. I like our cozy arts district and the short walk downtown. I like that we enter the front door and you've no idea what unit we nest in. My Philly says he does his best designs when he has to work around limitations- that's when your creativity is forced to bloom. I guess that's the same with anything, and any house we'll end up in... I believe that's why our apartment feels so right.  We've really made it work for us. Each corner's been curated based on our needs and what the space was lacking. No wall division besides the bedroom? We threw up some Manfroto floor-to-ceiling photography poles and a blank canvas, literally.  Not so kitchen endowed? We just shot it out into the hallway. Enter, industrial open shelving!
We bought a 6-shelf pack at Home Depot for a fraction of the price I later noted in one of those affluent home decor magazines. To be frank, the actual shelving unit was a pain in the ass-embly for a perfectionist. But, BUT! Once we got it together, throwing our things on the shelves is, sort of, what I live for. I think it came together pretty well aesthetically, not to mention it's incredibly functional for us.  Cool. We're fine right here for now. ;) 


rooth said...

It looks great and totally works for the space! Now I might need your help finding a secondary bookshelf - something more industrial looking as well

noey meirowsky said...

Love this! Sometimes I wish we had an open kitchen with shelves. I love that look and I love to see how people organize the shelves.

his little lady said...

Loving this open space for a kitchen!! Beautiful :)
xo TJ


Emily Kuhlman said...

Very cool! We have been househunting so I can totally relate. By the way, I added you to my Must Reads list on MrsKansasMommy.com. Everything you do is so cool and classy! Keep it coming!

Rachael Adele said...

I think your place is just perfect. You have a true stylist's touch, those shelves look real good! ;)