15 May 2014

Sporting KC Day Date

I grew up in a state with a Major League nothing. It's been such a blast to root for our home teams since moving to Kansas City. We've dressed in ketchup & mustard colors for the Chiefs and experienced Americana with the Royals. Two weeks ago, Phil snagged gratis tickets for a Sporting KC game. That's right, Kansas City has a Major League Soccer team... and a stadium thanks to my Phillytect's firm.  It was initially christened "Livestrong Sporting Park" until the world learned that Lance is a big fat liar. Now, it's simply Sporting Park and our players are just plain "Sporting," I  guess. So distinguishably nondescript, methinks. Good going on the branding, KC.

My brother and sister played soccer in high school and I don't really remember giving a hoot about it, but I'm all for why-the-heck-nots and our tickets timed well with the most gaawrgeous Sunday afternoon yet this year. Our MLS team is actually really great; defending national champions sort of  great. I'm serious when I say that the blue confetti clouds above the goal are reason alone to return. I'd gladly fork it over for tickets again soon, and Grandpa Phil said he'd even spring for a seat. Not me, I'm a cauldron kind of roam-about. I like the freedom to wander and not worry about wasting my designated seat if I choose to duck out... or drink my beer in the air conditioning.  I sort of surprised myself with what a fun day we had watching soccer. Locals, have you been?? What do you know? If not, it's incredibly simple to follow- I promise, such a treat. 


noey meirowsky said...

How fun, we love going to their games!

rooth said...

Aww, I missed out on following the Houston Dynamos when I lived there and the games look like so much fun to attend