03 May 2014

Guilt-Free on the Go

With the new baby in my nanny family, zipping back to my loft for lunch is a whole different story.  The story is that I can't do it... for now anyway while I'm flexing for her mama's maternity leave schedule.  I have been forced to dive into preparedness head first when it comes to packing snacks... and food in general while caring for my mini-fella, that hangry little weed.

So here it is, the healthy fuel you'll find in my bag on any given day.
     + Water, water, water. No-brainer.
     + Some type of citrus for the vitamin C in hopes of battling the bacteria on grubby boy paws.
     + Almonds for the protein (iron and magnesium, too).
     + Raw veggies for the snap!
     + Gluten-free popchips to fool my brain and satiate my need for a crispy chip, without the junk food hangover. They're not fried (too greasy) nor baked (too cardboard-y) and come in potato, tortilla, and veggie versions- I'm hooked. And actually as I type this, I'm realizing what a game changer the original popchips flavor would be crumbled as a healthier chip breading for our favorite spicy aioli cod sandwich. Recipe to come, perhaps!

popchips bought me a bag with "15% more to love", but they didn't write my lovestory. The kiddo and I have been crunching on these since a Whole Foods grocery run sometime last summer. So thank you, popchips for reinforcing my (healthy) chip addiction. 

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rooth said...

HA he totally called you out - which is so adorable