01 April 2014

Yes Very Little. Yes to the Max.


In honor of the first day of April, I present to you the fat fattiest sunflowers Trader J's had to offer. When the first rounds of these sunny blooms hit the market in spring, it seems to me there's always a bouquet that stands behemoth beside the rest; and here one with the stem of a silver dollar diameter! In that case and the case that winter wore out her welcome, I have no other choice than to haul these monsters home with me.  But not without fielding a checkout counter inquisition as to whether it's one bunch or more (rather, how it feels: whether I'm sheisty or not, as if I'm pulling a fast one... because I take everything too personally).  

The arrival of April, in my head, means two months -ish. The West 18th Street Fashion Show is mid-June and fittings a month sooner. Why yes, I momentarily lost my mind and accepted the invitation to walk for a local clothing designer. I am a crazy person who says YES to things that'll challenge my social anxiety and help to overcome it, no matter the discomfort Future Sarah takes on. Defeat what defeats you, or something of that nature. I've got two months to shed my winter skin and to find my way into the type of earth suit that'll make having all eyes on me something less than horrific. Horrific it will be, no doubt. I've thrown myself in at the deep end on this one, but life is about saying YES, right? Yes to sunflowers and scary new experiences, and all the shades  between.  

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rooth said...

OH yay for you! Make sure there are lots and lots of pictures of you in the fashion show please