13 April 2014

Go Blog Social 2014

The Go Blog Social team hosted their second annual social networking conference at the lofty and ever-so naturally lit Berg Event Space here in good ol' downtown Kansas City. You'd think I'd be quicker on the draw blog-posting about a blogger event that I attended last weekend but alas, it's been a really full week getting back to the grind. Fueled with inspiration, but lacking the time of day to execute... now that's pull-your-hair-out frustrating for the creative force within me. We've had our windows wide open all week, though, so I'll take that as consolation.

I was really only able to pop in and out over the weekend, but have no fear! I made the best of it, gathering good-natured conversations and business cards galore from tons of lovely ladies with the shared interest of creating, connecting, and truly caring about something. We were all there trying to better ourselves... and to me, that's inspiring alone.
The Go Blog Social team made some huge improvements from last year's already informative kickstart, and I know in my heart these talented gals will continue to up the ante year after year. If you have the opportunity to attend next GBS, do it! If not for the information or the summer camp vibe (Rachael, you're spot on there), sign yourself up because I love my city a whole heck of a lot, and I know you will too. Attending this weblog conference in KC makes for a really well-rounded weekend with plenty of time to explore. We've got a small city vibe with big city eats and activity. I will, without a doubt, be taking time away from work next year to soak up GBS in its entirety. It's that good, folks. 

Feeling like I missed loads of quality content this year, it's been ultra satisfying to read the handful of fantastic recaps floating around the blogosphere. To name a few:          •Chasing Happy's tweet take-aways from afar          •Cedar and Rush on "Networking Like a Boss"          •Top 10 Things Blue 11 Interiors Learned at GBS          •The Live-In Kitchen on GBS and some KC love :)
Thanks again to Kat and Sarah, and all the knowledgable speakers that invested time and thought into building such a great event!


sara grace said...

Such a fun event and gorgeous space. That lighting is everything.

noey meirowsky said...

Loved meeting you! I look forward to following your blog.

Nicole Regan said...

Really fun meeting you! Thanks for the mention and your blog is beautiful :)

rooth said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time and your business cards are too cute

Emmie {Blue 11 Interiors} said...

It was wonderful meeting you at GBS! And thanks so much for sharing my recap!

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

what a great venue. love these photos! i would really like to find something like that in my area.