20 March 2014


It's been a whirlwind week or more in the 816. My nanny family welcomed a new baby girl. And boy, is she ever the most darling itty-bitty baby gem you ever did see. It's my job to sort of "fill in the blanks" in their home so while my bosses were at the hospital (11 days early!) and adjusting to home again, I was all over the darn place... or perhaps it just felt that way. The little ones' mama is on maternity leave for "sree mumfs" (3 mo.) as my nanny kid would say. Thank goodness! It's reassuring to know I'll have time to figure out this precious and newer-than-new little being before my boss is away from the nest again. Little Spy Guy is on spring break from school so to be perfectly honest, that's been the toughest routine to settle into. He's in a perpetual gears-spinning, go! to the max conversational mode and I, on the clock for attentiveness... but I won't ramble on about that. 
Speaking of new beginnings, my guy and I spent Saturday afternoon picking out seed packets and pots at Planters Seed and Spice Co. It's a family owned stretch of five store windows with original wood floors and layers of forest green paint upon file drawers. My Poison Ivy Phil got all his questions of  jewel weed and its remedial qualities answered by the encyclopedic type of plant whizard grandpa guy that everyone should have in their back pocket as a phone-a-friend.

We hauled home chive and rosemary starters to spark hope for the other bald soils. I sowed the seeds of a lettuce blend, basil, and catnip (of course). Phil speculated about my soil supply and lapped up that fresh dirt aroma.  I've never really grown anything from a seed before, but I'm an incredible caregiver of young souls. So if the seeds at least sprout above soil, and if there's any common thread here... We'll have some healthy herbs before long. 


rooth said...

Awww new babies are the most delightful things, aren't they? I'm sure you'll have your hands more than full soon enough, so enjoy the break and spring weather

noey meirowsky said...

We love going to Planters! I am hoping we can grow fresh herbs as well. Nothing like the smell of fresh herbs in the kitchen!