09 December 2013

Honey Locust

I bundled up for a nature walk last week-ish with my wonderful ma, and newly discovered my fascination by the honey locust tree... also known as the "thorny locust". They really can be such a menace, popping tractor tires and obviously capable of piercing the soles of your tennis shoe. They say deer eat the pods that fall seasonally and poop out the seeds, planting new thorny beasts wherever they please. Yeep!

Even so, natural form following function is never short of phenomenal to me- the idea that these viciously beautiful thorns are grown to guard the tree, that eyelashes protect our sight, etc.. 
My dad snipped a few for me to take back to the loft, but I've first got to figure out a way to present them with certainty that I won't return home to my fur prince wearing a crown of thorns.


rooth said...

Oh dear, I can imagine your fur baby getting all snarled up in that mess. Did you figure out what to do with it? Keep it in the car as a weapon?

zara may said...

I love your blog