12 November 2013

The Doughnuts Made Us Do It

I'm having a full-scale Homer Simpson moment- loving doughnuts and too lazy to do much of anything else. D'oh! We're sort of in a time warp around here, working to transition from October toward November but bleh, it's all a big mush of happenings. Who am I?! Where am I?!  At some point in recent past, we had apple cider doughnuts dancing in our dreams.

I only know of two things ever to have been born of Louisburg, KS: a curiously untruthful grey-eyed girl who insisted her aquamarine contact lenses were by nature, annnnd the cutest of cider mills whose apple cider doughnuts carry a reputation that qualifies the 45ish minute trek from the city. So, that we did.
The drive was beyond gorgeous. We meant to be there for a hot, fresh breakfast-y apple cider explosion, but I can never bring my[morning lark]self to wake that sweet squinty night owl on a Saturday morning. Thus, there were apple cider lunch doughnuts with cider slushes, plus we took home apple butter and a jug of good old Louisburg Apple Cider to zap our almost-winter bones.

The mill has nursery style windows for peepers and process loving people.  We watched the apples bathe behind the mill (pervy apple watchers!), then travel up a chute into the hammermill which grinds them into "pomace" and pumps that onto layers of cloth, later pressed for juice. They were done baking 'nuts for the day, but bring your morning babes and there's a window for dough watching, too. I'm a simple glazed gal but thanks to Louisburg's  apple cider, I may be a cake doughnut convert. You know, very important existentialist thoughts in terms of what type of dough-person I am. Go there, it's quite the experience. 


Tina Byland said...

LOVE fresh apple cider donuts! They are the best. That cider mill looks like a lovely place. :)

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

I love their donuts and slushies too!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

i was so excited to run across your blog this morning because i was like "oh, i know this place!". i also scrolled and saw your first friday post, fellow kansas cityian right here!
their doughnuts are just so delightful, i love making a seasonal trip there.

lindsey louise


his little lady said...

You always have great adventures! I can only imagine how beautiful that drive would be :)
xo TJ


Jess said...

Anytime is the right time for cider and donuts.... but especially fall!

rooth said...

I am a total cake doughnut FIEND - yum