01 November 2013

Leafy Love + Lunettes

Oh, hi! So, I got new spectacles. I've been kindling a fire-y love affair with Warby Parker going on 4 years now. WP jumped on my radar through Daily Candy, one of my light morning web reads before I found... blogs. The mad and marvelous world of blawgs! Chyah. This is my third pair and probably my ultimate favorite because I finally took advantage of the 5 pair home try-on situation (plus I'm getting the hang of measurements that fit my skull). Free free free. Shipping, send-back, and the entertainment of trotting around in a handful of totally different styles for a few days. These are the "Holt" in striped sassafras. (They look pretty darn fantastic on my pal, Rooth, too!)  I like 'em. Duder likes 'em. I didn't pay outrageously out the butt to a mysterious eyeglasses goblin known simply as "the middleman".  All's well in the 816.
I'll save my effusive breath about autumn, because who doesn't come alive when the air is crisp, and cozy is the common goal.  Plus, too many people spewing about fall and it all just sounds really cliche to me. I will say, though, every. single. day I am newly amazed by the leaves changing suit. In blazing orange and mustard blonde, jungle greens with deep burgundy bruises.  I get a kick out of the itty-bitty versions of the usual suspects, and the colors that can't make up their minds.
My neighbor boy brother-ish pal and I used to walk together, on occasion, to elementary school in the mornings. There we were one day, taking our sweet time crunching through the late autumn leaves of some stranger's yard, when I discovered what seemed like thee most monumental leaf on the face of the planet; the largest leaf in all the history of leaf existence. A maple, I later learned. I was am a particular child, you see, so what's a 1st grader to do with her most prized organ of photosynthesis, but place it safely atop the stack within her well-oragnized (largest book up to crayon box) school desk. As one would imagine, the leaf dried up and turned to a crumbled mess all over the inside of my perfectly tidy compartment... and I was heartbroken. I'm still a leaf lover, and ever so grateful that I get to be outside on the clock.  The nannychild is more of a quantity guy, so he's all about swooping through a blanket of leaves and emerging with an armful. I'm struggling to explain the beauty in an individual blade and the veins between, or more generally, the delicate nature of curating a collection. Maybe he's five, and maybe we're just different breeds.  A few days ago he announced with absolute confidence, "I'm always walking around with good ideas."  I hear you, little guy. Amen. Let's embrace that mentality.

// // //  How was your Hallow's Eve?  I wore my skele' shirt yesterday morning for the little mister but he could give two hoots so I changed because, three-quarter sleeves (it's a kid's shirt but still), who thought of them? They bug me in a William-Forrester's-sock-seam sort of way. P and I watched Hocus Pocus and ate pumpkin kale lasagna. It was festive in theory. Here's some more Halloween-time talk from post past. 

// // // Can you believe it's November?! More importantly, did you say your "Rabbit Rabbit" this morning. For once in my life, I remembered. Carry on, goodness. 


his little lady said...

Okay, you are stunning! And those new glasses are perfect! Adore ;)
xo TJ


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I love warby parker! my halloween was great and my little daughter had fun too.

rooth said...

Sarah those glasses are simply smashing on you!

Tina Byland said...

Love me some Warby Parker. I don't need glasses, unfortunately, but I've bought myself quite a few sunglasses from those 5 pair, try on for 5 days things. They are incredible, those WP people. So smart. Best marketing campaigns ever. One time they randomly sent me a book. Tony Morrison, actually. But, you know, it WORKED! Love them.

Jennie Grange said...

first. those glasses are DARLING!
and second you're beautiful.