25 November 2013

Anatomy of a Pine Cone Garland

I get just as nutty as the next gal about over-the-top holiday frills- Candy Land houses set ablaze by countless strings of colored bulbs, mall Santas with real beards, giant red bows...But this year, we are keeping it stark and simple. Well, I am keeping it stark and simple. The dude is indifferent, and our ornament-clad tabletop tree won't make its appearance until closer to Christmas. Here is a glimpse of our room divider jazzed for the season, and the senses especially. The pinecones are cinnamon scented, in case you're without a scratch and sniff screen. I'll probably add a string of lights and/or a strand of color, but for now cones are ample.


rooth said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Sarah!

zara may said...

I love your blog

his little lady said...

How perfect! Love this idea of a pine cone garland :)
xo TJ