04 October 2013

Clones, Car Trouble, and... Meth?

I could slap Blogger for eating my original post. Tuesday happened and I'd rather forget it.  But if we're focusing on the good, I should really write an ode to all the men in my life. I made it to work just fine, wrastled the nannybabe through his morning routine, and climbed into the car to take him to school when... my battery went completely full-on 100% dead and oh, even better, my key got stuck in the ignition. I've driven cars where the steering column locks and you've got to turn the wheel just a bit to jar it up and turn the key. Thank goodness for that, I was able skip any initial freak-outs and ease into a fairly tame well, crap. It's a strange feeling, the moment you recognize that you are (more or less) stranded. P came to the rescue and jumped my car but ultimately, I needed a new battery. We took the little man to kindergarten in Phil's car... which was really just plain cute because the two of them had never met.
P asked my little pal what he thought should be done about my currently-kaput car.  Child never misses a beat. Said with total nonchalance, "Oh, take off all the wheels and park it in my yard." Sure thing, kid! Suburbia would love you. 
Long story short(er), AAA arrived (twice) in no time and the driver could have been cloned from  the cells of a particular Detroit born bear cub friend of my brother's. I adore AAA to the max (thanks, dad) and isn't it astonishing when you meet someone whose character mashup hints at the layers of life in another being you've known before? It makes the knit of our planet feel a cozy bit tighter. I suppose, there can only be so many iterations of personality traits and mannerisms, that once they're all thrown in a bag and shaken up, we're bound to have similar blends in all of humanity. I always find it uncanny and extraordinary. That instant likability (or not) can strike you so suddenly, and for that I will never name a child Amber and have to actively dial it back a notch when meeting new people. i.e. This stranger gets paid to come change your battery. You do not know him. Cool it, after all.


I'm trying to burn through the last 8 episodes of Breaking Bad before someone ruins the ending for me. I don't even think I care that much, but I refuse to let it be spoiled. 

Yesterday, we got the most gloriously unexpected rainstorm. It was mildly depressing when the sun shone again that afternoon. I might get locked up in the attic for saying such a thing, but not much inspires me or washes the weight of perceived expectations more than dark, heavy rain showers.

It's (First) Friday and our forecast is the epitome of autumn. I'll be going out of my way, treading through the crunchy leaves. Also, waging a campaign to drag Phil to the Renaissance Festival. Huzzah! 


rooth said...

Car problems are one of those things that make me the MOST aggravated. Every time I need to take my car in, I'm about ready to just say - time to get a new one! Even if it's for the tiniest of things. I'm glad your battery got swapped out, just in time for the winter, and your nannybaby should go full on redneck for Halloween :)

Justin Ebright said...

The little guy might make a great mechanic one day. He's got the right attitude for it! Anyway, I'm glad you were able to find a maintennace shop for your battery replacements. A quick tip: you could always have your car regularly checked. In that way, you can proactively prevent having the same stressful experience of being stranded again. Or at least you can have it checked before going on long road trips. Nice story though, and I hope you got to enjoy the Breaking Bad ending as much as I did!

Justin @ totalautomotive.net

Justin Ebright said...
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Justin Ebright said...
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